The Guns and Gadgetry of Dredd 3D

Published:3:06 pm EDT, September 21, 2012| Updated:2:31 pm EDT, September 27, 2012|

Judge Dredd is similar to Batman in that he’s a comic-book character with no powers and has to rely on his gadgets to dole out his own bloody brand of justice. Mainly, Dredd relies on his trusty Lawgiver pistol which has 7 types of voice-activated ammo from exploding rounds to bullets that ricochet, as well as his helmet and Lawmaster motorcycle, which he uses to shuttle himself from one ass-kicking to another.

The gun, which was redesigned from a 9mm pistol system specifically for this film, is just as much a part of the lore of Judge Dredd as his signature outfit. As for Dredd's Lawmaster cycle, it was built from a 500cc motorbike.

Check out the featurette above to see the film’s creators discussing how and why they made the choices they did when creating the props for this 3D adaptation of the famous UK comic-book, then go see Dredd 3D, in theaters right now.

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