Top 10 Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day

Published:5:07 pm EDT, February 11, 2014| Updated:11:06 am EDT, February 13, 2014|

For those of you staying in with your Valentine, here's a list of movies to put you in a romantic mood. You probably have some of these in your collection already. Pop some popcorn and watch these love stories unfold in the comfort of your living rooms.

1. 'The Notebook'

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Based on the Nicholas Sparks' tearjerker, the movie follows Allie and Noah's long romance, starting as a teenage-summer fling. Although Noah is from the wrong side of the tracks, Allie falls helplessly in love, but the summer comes to an end. Allie is engaged to another man when the two reunite, but all the same feelings are still there. Played by former real-life couple Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, their chemistry brings the romance to life on screen.

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