WATCH: ‘Noah’ Super Bowl 2014 Trailer

Published:10:36 am EDT, January 30, 2014| Updated:3:22 pm EDT, March 25, 2014|

This upcoming 2014 film is literally of Biblical and epic proportions. Be prepared to brave the dangers of the violent seas come March 28, 2014!

Here's the official movie trailer for Noah that aired during the 2014 Super Bowl. Every year, viewers of 2014's biggest American football game are lambasted by big ads and movie trailers. Some of the biggest summer blockbusters for the coming year get brand new trailers that showcase the most exciting scenes and inner plot workings.

There's going to be super heroes, robots, fast cars and whatever else you can think of when it comes to the most over-the-top action films. Super Bowl night is always a great time to watch some fresh, new movie trailers!

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