WATCH: Jupiter Ascending Movie Trailer from The Matrix Creators

Published:3:40 pm EDT, December 10, 2013| Updated:3:47 pm EDT, December 10, 2013|

In the future, Mila Kunis is a janitor who may hold the key to the universe. And Channing Tatum is a genetically engineered former soldier tasked with coming to Earth to save her. It sounds nuts, based on this first trailer it looks like it also might be fun!

Jupiter Ascending is the first original story from the Wachowski's since The Matrix trilogy. It's dark and twisted, the cityscapes are gorgeous and looks fun. Lana Wachowski has described it as "a science-fiction space opera,". This will be a test of whether or not the pair can return to form (big ideas, cool effects, etc.).

Jupiter Ascending comes out to selected theaters next summer - July 25, 2014!

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