Sylvester Stallone Drops ‘N-Bomb’ on Photographer in Beverly Hills

Published:12:55 pm EDT, November 15, 2013| Updated:1:13 pm EDT, November 15, 2013|

TMZ has posted a video that appears to show Sylvester Stallone talking with a friend and pointing to a pursuing photographer: "This f**king n***er here, this f**ker." The gossip site reports that there were black photographers in the pack that taking pictures, but it's not sure exactly who the epitaph was aimed at.

Stallone was with a friend leaving Caffe Roma in Beverly Hills.

Poor Sly is probably stressed out knowing that his turkey isn't being delivered till December 25 when Grudge Match arrives in theaters. The movie, which rips off the plot of Rocky Balboa and treats the audience as if we're not supposed to notice also stars Robert De Niro.

I wonder how Sly's co-star in Grudge Turkey, Kevin Hart, feels about this latest allegation?

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