‘Wrecking Ball’ as Sung by Chipmunks, as Dubstep, Country, Nickelback, and in Spanish

Published:3:54 pm EDT, October 14, 2013| Updated:1:00 am EDT, October 15, 2013|

If you didn't like the original "Wrecking Ball" then best hit back on your browser now. We scoured YouTube for 5 weird "Wrecking Ball" versions that will either blow your mind, or make you want to leave this planet forever, probably depending on how you felt about the original. Check 'em out.

5. Wrecking Ball - Chimpunks' Version by Chipmunks Swagga

4.Wrecking Ball - Dubstep Version by Wav Surgeon

3. Wrecking Ball - Country Version by The Gregory Brothers

2. Wrecking Ball - Nickelback Edition by BuzzFeed Pop

1. Wrecking Ball - Spanish Version by KevinKarlay

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