WATCH: Absurdly Bad ‘Linsanity’ Trailer Includes 3 Jeremy Lin Piano Recitals

Published:5:21 pm EDT, August 26, 2013| Updated:5:34 pm EDT, August 26, 2013|

It's here. The movie that showcases Jeremy Lin's six months at the top of the NBA with the New York Knicks arrives in theaters in October 2013. Not only will we get to see Lin's time outscoring Kobe at the Staples Center but also his time as a humble Harvard graduate.

The trailer also showcases some of Lin's other talents, like performing at three, yes three, piano recitals during his pre-teen years.

Despite the hype, Lin left the Knicks during the summer of 2012 to play in Houston with the Rockets. Lin is now forced to play with Dwight Howard.

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