Toronto International Film Festival: “Life of Crime” and “The Fifth Estate”

Published:2:10 pm EDT, July 24, 2013| Updated:2:10 pm EDT, July 24, 2013|

The Toronto Film Festival recently previewed two upcoming movies.

Director Daniel Schechter’s Life of Crime, based on Elmore Leonard's book The Switch, is "a whip smart story of a ransom, double crosses, and a marriage going south." It stars Jennifer Aniston, Tim Robbins, Isla Fisher, John Hawkes, and Mos Def.

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Bill Condon’s The Fifth Estate tells the story of Julian Assange, "the controversial WikiLeaks archtitect, and his complicated relationships with those around him in the early days of the website through its abrupt end.Condon’s film raises pressing questions about the responsibility of power that goes hand in hand with the flow of information."

Both sound great!

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