National Orgasm Day on Hump Day: Top 15 Funny Orgasm Videos

Published:12:52 pm EDT, July 31, 2013| Updated:1:10 pm EDT, July 31, 2013|
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It's National Orgasm Day and coincidentally, this year it falls on Hump Day. Talk about an extra reason to celebrate. We've put together 15 funny videos from different movies and TV shows to help you feel right at home for the occasion. Enjoy!

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In this video, sex-crazed Samantha from 'Sex and the City' has lost her orgasm and she's determined to find it.

Katherine Heigl seems to have misplaced the remote control to her vibrating underwear in this clip with Gerard Butler from The Ugly Truth.

As a lover of the show 'Friends', you'll want to catch Courtney Cox getting a little too excited during her sex tutorial with Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston.

You can't go wrong with a man who flexes his muscles in the mirror as he does you doggystyle in this scene from American Psycho.

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How can we leave out the legendary fake orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally?

A little Kristin Wiig goes a long way with Jon Hamm's jerk character in the movie Bridesmaids. Check out this hilarious sex scene.

Let's go back to the American Pie days and learn about the tongue tornado as Tara Reid receives her first big "O".

Hey, if you had the powers of God, wouldn't you use them to get Jennifer Aniston aroused? Jim Carrey would in Bruce Almighty.

Mira Sorvino makes a mechanic feel like a man in this scene as she pretends to let "Ramone" have sex with her in Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. Too funny.

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Who knew that the store Ikea would make Molly Shannon so horny in A Night At The Roxbury?

You'll never be able to look at Justin Timberlake the same in this serious dry-humping scene with Cameron Diaz for Bad Teacher.

This clip of the most awkward orgasm ever in the movie Van Wilder really makes you feel scared for Tara Reid's character.

Who doesn't love 'Will & Grace'? Where there's an inappropriate time for an orgasm, there's Karen Walker. Enjoy!

Poor Vince Vaughn. There's nothing like a hand-job at the dinner table to make things a little uncomfortable. Just ask Isla Fisher in Wedding Crashers.

And, for the climax, check out Ben Stiller as he tries to hold it for as long as he can in Along Came Polly.

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Hope you enjoyed these 15 clips and that you're not too worn out to celebrate the day now. I wanted to include some clips from 40 Year-Old Virgin and Zack and Miri Make a Porno, but these videos made me exhausted.

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