41-Year-Old Rachel Zoe: Baby Number Two Is On The Way

Published:6:11 pm EDT, June 20, 2013| Updated:8:51 am EDT, June 21, 2013|
Rachel Zoe

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This family is about the get bigger!

It's not every day you hear congratulations to a 41-year-old woman on her pregnancy. But, this time Rachel ZoeBravo star, celebrity stylist, and creator of The Rachel Zoe Project, is that woman! According to US Magazine, Rachel's second child is currently "in the oven," and she's very excited. She commented on her experience with her first child, son Skylar, saying:

Oh my God, my husband laughs at me because I spend more time in his closet in the morning than I do in my own. And, you know, it's incredibly fun. It's like having a live doll. And he loves it... Right now, he loves getting dressed. At some point, I'm sure in a year, he's gonna hate everything I show him and just wanna wear, like, soccer uniforms or something.

Sounds like someone's going to be playing a lot of dress up in about close to nine months! We congratulate Rachel, along with husband Rodger Berman, and we wish them a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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Meanwhile, let's hope Rachel's pregnancy is a fast and stress-free one, as well. According to PerezHilton.com, recently some Zoe-family haters reached out to Rachel on Twitter basically calling her son a girl. Ignore the hater, Rach'!

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