Paula Deen’s 4 Restaurants Go Down The Drain: Caesars Casino Pulls The Plug

Published:7:40 pm EDT, June 26, 2013| Updated:7:40 pm EDT, June 26, 2013|
Paula Deen

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According to TMZ, it looks like things are only going more and more downhill for Paula Deen regarding her racism scandal. Paula has four restaurants located on Caesar Casino's property, but because of her recent presence in the media the company owners are putting a quick stop to them. However, it may not be permanent.

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Although Paula's association with Caesars is the backbone of her restaurants, the company claims they are only shutting them down for a little while. How long is that? At least a few months, until the rumors revolving Paula subside. A representative for Caesar's tells TMZ that disassociating with the scandalous American cook for at least a little while is in the casino's "best interest."

Fret not, Paula! There's still hope!

Even the cook's fans are concerned about keeping her products around... hopefully those few stagnant months go by quickly for Paula!

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