Paula Deen Fired From The Food Network After Racist Storm

Published:4:49 pm EDT, June 21, 2013| Updated:5:21 pm EDT, June 21, 2013|

TV Chef Paula Deen, 66, has been effectively fired from the Food Network after being told her contract would not be renewed, reports TMZ.

Deen has been involved in a racist storm this week, with claims she used the "N" word, and wanted a traditional southern wedding that would include black servants dressed in slave garb. The lawsuit, which featured many of the claims, also says that at one point, Deen simulated a sex-act using an eclair.

Her firing comes just hours after her heartfelt apology was posted on YouTube.

Deen has since issued two more apologies, one for jilting Matt Laurer on The Today Show this morning, and another, less edited version of her first apology:

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