Melissa Etheridge To Marry Linda Wallem After DOMA Rulings

Published:1:55 pm EDT, June 26, 2013| Updated:1:57 pm EDT, June 26, 2013|
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Since 2010, Melissa Etheridge has been in a loving relationship with Nurse Jackie creator Linda Wallem. After today's history-making rulings from the Supreme Court on the provision of the Defense of Marriage Act, Etheridge has declared that she is going to celebrate by marrying girlfriend Wallem.

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As a clear advocate for gay rights, Etheridge is extremely excited about the Supreme Court's decisions today and continued to show her love all over Twitter.

As a monumental moment in history, Etheridge is sure to remind everyone to cite where they were when this happened. We remembered where we were when Kennedy was shot, when Martin Luther King Jr. died, when the Twin Towers fell, and ... when DOMA got thrown out!

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Let us end this fantastic day with a quote from Thomas Jefferson.

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