Amanda Bynes Jacuzzi Hot Tub Rendevous in Atlantic City [VIDEO]

Published:10:09 am EDT, June 18, 2013| Updated:10:46 am EDT, June 18, 2013|
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Amanda Bynes decided to take a dip in a jacuzzi and take some hot tub photos in Atlantic City, where she stayed at the Revel Hotel. Surrounded by strangers in the hot tub, Bynes played on her phone and with a camera. She also sported her famous blonde wig for the day.

TMZ reports that she posed for photos with fans, but had to approve each photo. If she didn't like the pic, the fan had to delete it.

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In Touch Weekly had a great photo of Bynes here:

Amanda Bynes, Jacuzzi

(In Touch Weekly)

Check out some video reporting on Amanda Bynes' jacuzzi romp as well as her latest "ugly" victims.

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