The Bachelorette Premiere 5/27/13: Live Blog

Published:7:56 pm EDT, May 27, 2013| Updated:11:42 pm EDT, May 27, 2013|
The Bachelorette, Desiree Hartsock


The Live Blogging Continues! DWTS has ended and The Bachelorette is here! Let the craziness begin!

So Are We!

There she is.... Lady in Red! 8:02pm

Crying already? Oh, yea... forgot what I was watching. 8:04pm

Uh oh, Desiree wore red when she first appeared on The Bachelor too... That didn't turn out too well though... 8:05pm

Season 9 in Malibu. 8:07pm

Pulls up in a Honda and pulls out in a Bentley. Damn, ABC! 8:08pm

Cinderella didn't get a Bentley... 8:14pm

Nothin's better than a loose chick... let it go, Desiree. ;) 8:16pm

There will be drama, conflict, and heartbreak?! I thought this was The Bachelorette?! Now I'm confused. 8:24pm

Let's hear it for the boys... 8:25pm

But how do you make a magician disappear? 8:27pm

They should rename The Bachelorette as The Abs Show. 8:28pm

And the first limo is here~ 8:37pm

A woohoo for Drew. 8:37pm

Brooks has that whole Skeet Ulrich thing goin' on. 8:38pm

What if she lost the wishbone? 8:38pm

Digging in the fountain... kind of awkward in my opinion. Roseless future is what I'm thinking. 8:40pm

Ah, self-promotion. 8:41pm

What an idiot... Fantasy Suite. 8:43pm

Abs again. Shocking. 8:43pm

Larry's kind of got a sexy forbidden professor thing goin' on... until the snag. 8:45pm

Knight in shining armor? 8:47pm

Phew! Thank you for not proposing. 8:53pm

Ryan Gosling alert with Robert. 8:54pm

Juan Pablo..... your accent... yum. 8:56pm

Motorcycle entrance. Scared to see where this is going. 8:56pm

OMG, this suit. 8:58pm

The kid's a nice touch. 8:59pm

A lot of people on Twitter are telling that guy Zak to put his shirt on. I'd like to take this moment to tell all of those people to be quiet. 9:05pm

Magician slash cornball. 9:06pm

Love Ben... Yadda Yadda Yadda. 9:11pm

Dying over Desiree's dress.... 9:11pm

Loving that Ben gets the first rose. 9:12pm

And the rose goes to.... Brody. 9:17pm

Hmmm... cold water + pantsless seems to pay off. 9:20pm

Will Desiree let the Vet go on Memorial Day? 9:21pm

Juan Pablo... Dream of a man is right. 9:23pm

It's gettin' hot in here.... I smell a 4th rose. 9:28pm

Well this is a first... an impromptu soccer game breaks out on The Bachelorette. 9:24pm

Don't dwell, Larry. 9:30pm

Aw, awkward Larry... I think you're going home. 9:31pm

Didn't he get the hint on the fantasy suite? 9:32pm

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I'm embarrassed for this guy. 9:33pm

Whose the biggest creeper on the planet? Jonathan? 9:35pm

Oh no... It's like Jaws Returns. 9:35pm

Peace out to the sexual predator. 9:36pm

And, to the social media guy... "hashtag annoying" 9:37pm


Who will be sent home???????? 9:45pm

Larry, Larry.... Lonely Larry. 9:46pm

Bye bye, magician! Desiree, please make him disappear. 9:47pm

Ta ta to Larry the clumsy dipper. 9:49pm

Practice doesn't make perfect. It just makes you tired. 9:49pm

Adios Nick R. 9:50pm

What kind of girl says good-bye to her knight in shining armor.... This chick. Ciao, Diogo. 9:51pm

Season highlights are coming!!!!!!!!!!!!! And so is's Top 10 Highlights from tonight's episode.

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