‘Mad Men’ Writers Pitch TV Show ‘Cocoa Beach’ About 1960′s NASA

Published:12:34 pm EDT, April 25, 2013| Updated:4:23 pm EDT, April 25, 2013|

Bye bye Manhattan. Hello Cocoa Beach.

The 1960s space race was an exciting time for America and viewers could be getting a flashback with a potential new television show from the minds behind Mad Men. Florida Today has reported that the writers of Mad Men are working on a new series tentatively titled Cocoa Beach, and it might hit televisions as early as this fall.

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Umm, didn't I Dream of Jeannie already do that like 50 years ago? Kidding. A magical genie who happens to be married to a goofy astronaut is hardly the same as some boozed up rocket scientists womanizers.

If the show does come to fruition it wouldn't be the first time a television show around the space race has been centered in Cocoa Beach. Remember The Cape? No? That's probably because it only made it one season from 1996-97 and starred Corbin Bernsen (nothing against Corbin).

Hopefully, Cocoa Beach finds more success with Hollywood this time around. They've certainly got a stellar team batting form them with Mad Men involved and Cocoa Beach Mayor Dave Netterstorm seems optimistic.

Hopefully, it happens. It would be super-cool. We’re trying to positively develop our brand and our image. We want to let people know we’re a cool place to visit and a cool place to live.”

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