‘G.I. Joe 3′ Is Officially A Go!

Published:4:43 pm EDT, April 1, 2013| Updated:4:43 pm EDT, April 1, 2013|

GI Joe 3

To the surprise of no one, a planned sequel in the G.I. Joe film series is on the way.

Variety reported that another unsurprising factoid about G.I. Joe 3 - it "will most definitely be in 3D." As for why this movie is being prepped, here's why - G.I. Joe: Retaliation ended up nabbing a global box office intake of $132 million.

Another interesting tidbit for this film series is the fact that the 2nd film's production's costs came in at a lesser value than the first film (Retaliation cost MGM-Skydance $130 million while The Rise of Cobra cost $175 million.)

GI Joe 3

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So there's probably a good chance that Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis will show up on the big screen again (no Channing Tatum, though).

But will Marlon Wayans, Rachel Nichols and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje make a return for the third movie? Time will tell...but seriously, no Marlon Wayans return.

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