12 Stupid Products You Need in Your Life

Published:11:21 am EDT, February 25, 2013| Updated:11:38 am EDT, February 25, 2013|

Listen, we know that you probably feel a void in your life that needs to be filled with something. Well, friends, that something isn't love or family - it's commercialism! These 12 products are just what your life is missing. Sure, they may look stupid, but how dumb was the George Foreman grill when you first saw it? You bought that didn't you?

louis vutton waffles
Louis Vuitton waffle maker

Yeah baby! Nothing is more baller than Louis Vuitton waffles.

fart underwearfart underwear
Flatulence Filtering Underwear

Rip all the farts you want in front of your significant other and still smell fresh. Who smelt it dealt it now?

Pizza Hut Cologne (Yes, it's real)

Finally, a way to take that alluring fast food greasy Pizza Hut smell with you on the go. Pair it with some Long John Silvers breath mints to be a true lady killer.

cat hair crafts
Cat Hair Craft Book

An essential addition to the home library of any crazy hoarding cat lady.

Gamer Toilets

No need to get up from your gaming experience to relieve yourself. Just let it go and never leave your fantasy world again.

nic cage coloring
Nicolas Cage Hair Dry Erase Board

Raising Arizona, Wicker Man, Bangkok Dangerous, the possibilities for Nic Cages's new hairdo are endless!

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chocolate doritos
Chocolate Dipped Nacho Cheese Doritos

YES! YES! YES! This is diabetes done right.

dog bikes
Dog Walking Bicycle

WARNING: You will be eating dirt within 5 minutes of using this product.

baby mop
Baby Mop

It's about time that useless baby of yours make itself handy around the house. Less drooling, more mopping, baby!

baby durag
Baby Durag

He may not be eating solid foods yet, but that doesn't mean he can't look thug.

nelson-mandela fresh
Nelson Mandela Air Freshener

Mmmmm, that's Mandela fresh!

dog mop
Pet Sweep

Much like the baby mop, only for dogs. And equally as embarrassing.

Via Pleated Jeans, The Chive

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