Lindsay Lohan Refused to Kiss Charlie Sheen in ‘Scary Movie 5’

Published:9:08 pm EDT, December 22, 2012| Updated:9:45 pm EDT, December 22, 2012|

Linsday Lohan and Charlie Sheen on the set of "Scary Movie 5"

Lindsay Lohan plays alongside Charlie Sheen in the upcoming "Scary Movie 5," but the troubled actress refused to kiss the "winning" actor because his mouth grossed her out, reports TMZ. I mean, seriously, who knows where Charlie Sheen's mouth has been, right? Sources close to Lohan report that she was supposed to kiss Sheen three times during their bedroom scene together, but would not because of his "wild partying past."

Come on, let's face it; Lohan doesn't exactly have an innocent history either, so isn't she being a little hypocritical? Not when it comes to herpes. Actually, both actors had to sign release forms saying that neither of them had any cold sores. Sheen was completely cool about the whole thing, too. They trimmed the kissing scenes down and even used a body double when needed.

Sheen even formed a friendship with LiLo on the set of "Scary Movie 5" and gave her $100,000 to help pay her owed taxes to the IRS.

Check out the trailer for the movie here:

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