Woody Allen’s ‘Wolverine’ Might Be the Best Comic Book Spoof Ever

Published:12:29 pm EDT, August 2, 2013| Updated:12:29 pm EDT, August 2, 2013|

While it's unlikely that Woody Allen would ever go anywhere near anything resembling a comic book movie, this short from Official Comedy dares to dream, casting hypothetical roles for Woody Allen and Diane Keaton as Wolverine and Rogue respectively.

If you don't think it gets any more ridiculous than that, it does, as Woody Wolverine and Diane Rouge talk about how the X-Men are "reduced to a cultural stereotype" in classic Woody Allen shtick. Woody Wolverine, as any Woody Allen impersonator would, worries about death and sex, even though he's, you know, immortal. Check out the video to see what could have been if Woody Allen ever got his hands on the X-Men universe.

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