Top 5 Best YouTube Videos of the Day

Published:6:00 pm EDT, June 17, 2013| Updated:5:58 pm EDT, June 17, 2013|

A video is uploaded to YouTube every second of the day. We picked the five best for your viewing pleasure. You're welcome.

amanda bynes vine
Amanda Bynes Vines
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If Amanda Bynes actually had a Vine account it would probably look EXACTLY like this.

monkey using vending machine
Monkeys Are Now Using Vending Machines to Get Snacks
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Monkeys are now using vending machines to get snacks. Isn't this how Rise of the Planet of the Apes started?

fear and loathing
Fear and Lothing in Las Vegas - In One Minute
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A drug trip through the Nevada desert has never been so fast.

Jackie Chan Picks a Fight With Bruce Lee
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Jackie Chan tells one of the best stories ever about the time he met Bruce Lee and picked a fight.

one job
Man Had One Job - Fails at it Miserably
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Okay, this video is actually a year old but its sheer stupidity has helped it resurface again. The man had one job...

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