WACH: Heckler Turns Comedy Show into an Episode of ‘Maury’

Published:10:39 am EDT, June 12, 2013| Updated:10:55 am EDT, June 12, 2013|

Generally, hecklers are despised by comedians as a pest that must be dealt with in a precise manner. When a heckler starts up with another audience member it becomes an entirely different spectacle, and in this case, one with hilarious results.

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Comedian Dan Swartwout was performing at Jrs. Last Laugh Comedy Club in Erie, Pennsylvania when a woman in the audience literally called a "time out" to call out another audience member. Because comedy shows are just like football games...

Dan rolls with it, incorporating the surprising disturbance into an impromptu episode of Maury, that somehow also involves meth lab safety. Meth, Maury and bachelorette parties - live entertainment at its finest.

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