‘Rent is Too Damn High’ Jimmy McMillan Calls Out NYC with Rap Anthem

Published:4:55 pm EDT, April 24, 2013| Updated:5:12 pm EDT, April 24, 2013|

Remember Jimmy McMillan? Sure you do, he was the guy who looked like a black Captain Crunch or Mr. T's grandfather and gave a Jesse Jackson-esqe rant about NYC's rent being too damn high.

Well, that was two years ago and a lot has changed, but one thing that hasn't is the rent. It's worse than ever and Michael Bloomberg and his band of cronies aren't doing anything about it for the middle class. That's exactly why Jimmy McMillan is running for mayor again under the Rent's Too Damn High party, and he's released a rap anthem to go along with it.

...And what's the deal with wearing gloves all the time???

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