Girl Snorts a Condom Up Her Nose and Pulls it Out Her Mouth

Published:1:01 pm EDT, April 17, 2013| Updated:1:18 pm EDT, April 17, 2013|

Some people are just born to be circus freaks. Amber Strong has a unique talent that will surely propel her to the Hall of Fame for Letterman's Stupid Human Tricks. The girl can snort a condom up her nose and pull it out of her mouth. Yes, she's a jimmy hat snorter.

No telling how Amber came across this unique talent, I like to imagine it all went down on the set of Spring Breakers in between takes with James Franco yelling "snort that rubber!" Whatever the case, this skill will undoubtedly make her the main attraction of any college party, or eventually result in a trip to the emergency room. Probably both.

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