WATCH: Arnold Schwarzenegger Behind the Wheel is Pure Hilarity

Published:12:59 pm EDT, April 22, 2013| Updated:4:43 pm EDT, April 22, 2013|

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the man, plain and simple. He's spouted countless memorable move lines, plus he's kicked ass in the political lane. When he's tired of lacing fools with shotgun shells, he likes to take a nice afternoon drive around his neighborhood. Little did we all know that the former Governor of California's rage carries over to the road.

Comedian Will Sasso shot the compilation of Vine videos of himself imitating the governator driving around town and uploaded the series to YouTube. Take a peek at this video and feel the (hilarious) wrath of Arnold "LOOK WHERE YOU'RE GOING!" Schwarzenegger.


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Will Sasso also hit up Vine with a disturbing (yet equally funny) collection of videos revolving around a certain sour fruit:

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