Life Fails Will Ruin Your Hope for Humanity (13 Photos)

Published:10:46 am EDT, March 20, 2013| Updated:11:44 am EDT, March 20, 2013|

Life is tough. There are certain things you can do to make it a little easier though, like avoid pointing a gun directly at your face. That's just one example. Take note of these life fails and avoid them at all costs. Do that and the sky is the limit, kids.


Kenzie is going to have her mind blown when somebody tells her that raisins were once grapes.


Microsoft Binbows will literally melt your computer.


Condoms. Use them.

idiot without a job

Let's just hope that Olivia is really pretty, for her sake.


Eulogy: "He wasn't the smartest boy, but he had a big heart..."

moose accident

Clearly, this family has an issue with Canadian wildlife.


Little known fact, rapefruit is actually Florida's number 4 cash crop behind lemons.

confusion about stairs

This girl shouldn't be walking around public by herself.




Damn nerds be so stoopid. Neil deGrasse Tyson iz dum.

bad thief

Try stealing a guitar pick next time and work your way up. Or just buy the guitar like a responsible person.


...And he was so close to pulling off a cool profile pic.

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yolo bus

This bus careened off a cliff seconds after this photo was taken. Go Greyhound.

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