Will Ferrell Dresses as Security Guard, Ejects Shaq From Lakers Game

Published:3:00 pm EDT, February 13, 2013| Updated:3:34 pm EDT, February 20, 2013|

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Will Ferrell is at it again. The comedy dynamo who is responsible for comedy staples Anchorman and Old School decided to prank all of Staples Center last night. Ferrell showed up to the Lakers game last night dressed as a security guard with a name tag that read "Ted Vagina." After standing around for a few minutes and acting like a security guard, Ferrell took the prank to the next level by escorting former Lakers player, Shaquille O'Neal, out of the arena.

The Lakers may have beaten the Suns that night but I think we can all agree that Ted Vagina was the real MVP of the game.

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