WATCH: Thousands of New Yorkers Drop Their Pants on the Subway

Published:1:04 pm EDT, January 15, 2013| Updated:3:38 pm EDT, February 20, 2013|

Nearly 4,000 people left their respective jeans, slacks and overalls at home this weekend in New York City for the annual No Pants Subway Ride, which has been organized by improvisational stunt group Improv Everywhere for an astounding 12 consecutive years. The masses of pantless participants gathered in Union Square, where Charlie Todd (Improv's founder) instructed them to answer all inquiries regarding their wardrobe with "I forgot to put pants on."

no pants subway ride Watch Now
Underwear Underground

Even jaded New Yorkers were surprised to see the pale, fuzzy, and at times varicose crowds swarm the public transportation system. Many of the riders dressed up (or down) for the event, complete with Santa costumes and formal wear in tandem with their more revealing lower half. The event has spread to over 60 cities worldwide, in 25 countries. Below are more pictures of the carnage.

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