WATCH: Nerd PSA Calls Out Cute Hipster Girls Posing as Nerds

Published:12:31 pm EDT, January 22, 2013| Updated:1:48 pm EDT, January 22, 2013|

Listen up, Olivia Munn, just because you throw on some glasses and a "I Love Tetris" babydoll t-shirt doesn't mean you're a real nerd. Unless you've got the wedgie scars and gym class swirley flashbacks to prove it, you're just a poser. The Portland Nerd Council (still not sure if this is even a legit thing) is speaking out against the epidemic of "cool kids" posing as nerds.


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Take note, all you quirky, Comic-Con loving chicks on Tumblr. Ask yourself, if you were back in high school would you hook up with a true nerd or just ignore him all over again and jump in the football captain's Mustang? The truth will set you free.

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