Te’oing is the New Tebowing: 20 Photos of Girlfriends Who Don’t Exist

Published:11:36 am EDT, January 17, 2013| Updated:1:39 pm EDT, February 22, 2013|

Life can be cruel, as Manti T'eo can surely attest, but the Internet is damn cold-blooded. With lightning speed, Tumblr and other social media sites are abuzz with Te'oing, the hot new meme where you pretend to pose with a significant other. You have to feel for the guy, but after the BCS forced us to watch a dreadful national championship that the Irish had no business attending, our pity mines are a bit tapped out. Here's a taste.

Bruch is a special time for couples.


Equal opportunity.

clint eastwood, teoing

This may have worked better than what Clint was actually trying to do.

fortune cookie teoing336219" /> The cookie never lies.


This person is actually very lonely.

Alpha Beta Cappa

She said yes!!!

"Mom, this is Sheila."

I'm guessing he's a Tebow kind of guy.

Yeah bro!

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