Julia Stiles Has Become an Internet Meme

Published:12:16 pm EDT, January 24, 2013| Updated:12:26 pm EDT, January 24, 2013|

Julia Stiles went on Conan this week to yak about her new movie The Makeover, but more importantly to promote her new status as an Internet meme. What's this Stiles-meme you ask? Just Julia Stiles hanging off things. TJust her clinging for dear life on the Spice Girls, Mars, the whale from Free Willy, anything really. Well done, youth of America, a productive use of time if there ever was one.

julia stiles mermaids

julia stiles olympic swimmer

julia stiles and justin bieber

julia stiles and spice girls

julia stiles and keyboard cat

julia stiles and gabby

julia stiles and gymnast

julia stiles on mars

julia stiles the never ending story

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