WATCH: Daym Drops Reviews McRib For Jimmy Fallon

Published:2:27 pm EDT, December 20, 2012| Updated:3:41 pm EDT, February 20, 2013|

In the world of Youtube fast food reviews, Daym Drops tears through the competition faster than a freshly baked seeded hero. His analysis of Five Guys Burger, Shake Shack, and others were all just warmups for his most recent take however. Jimmy Fallon contacted the burger connoisseur to take on the epic challenge of describing the great white buffalo of McDonalds menu, I speak of course about the McRib. With it's limited availability, "unique" shape, and bold combination of fat and salt, it takes a master to truly encompass it's complexities. Maestro, hit that beat:

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Daym Drops On The McRib

I'd say the man did his job with gusto. Here's a few more photo's of the elusive creature in case you were still unsure about consuming one.

McDonalds McRIb
Notice those ridges that mimic the presence of bones in the meat. Have to admire the presentation and ability to make pig faces appear as ribs.

The McRib in it's natural habitat.

How the McRib is actually constructed, recently declassified.

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