The 17 Most Viral Photos of the Ikea Monkey

Published:4:42 pm EDT, December 12, 2012| Updated:1:27 pm EDT, December 20, 2012|

You've heard about the monkey at a Canadian Ikea store, but the little fella did a lot more than shop. Get the primate's full adventure story.

Where did he come from and what did he do?

ikea monkey

He wore a fashionable winter coat. Primate got style.

ikea monkey coat

Web fashionistas had to question who wore it best. As if that's even debatable.

ikea monkey, fashion

Twitter asked if the monkey was lost?


Oh snap! Ikea Monkey has his own Twitter.

Still, he does look a little lost...

ikea monkey, driver

Somebody is going to have a lot of explaining to do.

ikea monkey, carl

The question remains, is the Ikea Monkey good or evil?

ikea monkey, bad guy

Perhaps he's just looking for a good time on the town?

ikea monkey, strippers

Maybe attend a fashion show and pick up some new threads?

ikea monkey fashion show

Most definitely he'll be a celebrity shopper that politicians want to hang with.

ikea monkey, biden

And a future spin-off comic series is a sure thing.

ikea monkey graphic

And of course a priceless masterpiece of art.

ikea monkey painting

Where will you go, Ikea Monkey?

Will you go to Middle-Earth, Ikea Monkey?

ikea monkey

Or catch a show in Times Square?

ikea monkey times square

Or board an intergalactic spaceship?

Farewell, Ikea Monkey. May you spend your days lounging on average quality furniture and not in a medical testing lab.

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