The Best Photo of 2012

Published:3:38 pm EDT, December 20, 2012| Updated:3:38 pm EDT, December 20, 2012|

There's been a lot of photographs in 2012, probably like over 10,000 or something, but who's counting... The fact remains though, that THIS photograph stands alone among a see of lesser photos. Forget any Olympic triumph, heartbreaking moment of humanity, political victory or loss - this is the photograph that will define 2012 in the history books.

the best photo of 2012

Just look at this little sheep, dancing in the middle of a long road like he hasn't got a care in the world. So much depth, so much meaning, so many life lessons we can take away from this photo and pass down to future generations. When the road is long and weary, when you think it will go on forever without a rest, at the end of that road is a dancing sheep welcoming you to the promise land of better times ahead. Dance on, little sheep. Bring us prosperity in 2013 and beyond.

Runner up.

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