The 10 Awesomest Tumblrs of 2012

Published:5:59 pm EDT, December 3, 2012| Updated:8:35 pm EDT, December 3, 2012|

The year has come to a close and there's been so many great reasons to procrastinate from productivity this year, but Tumblr has by and far been the greatest. Not to mention one of the most bizarre. Earlier this year we brought you the 20 Awesomest Tumblrs, and now we're shedding some light on the greatest Tumblrs of 2012. On to the weirdness...

rich kids of instagram
Rich Kids of Instagram

Rich Kids of Instagram rolled onto the scene this year in blinged out, gold rimmed Ferrari and instantly went viral. Of course everyone instantly hated these spoiled brats and their Cristal sipping ways. Really though, we're all jealous and this Tumblr is just a way to vent. Oh, and in case you were wondering, his shirt says "Help me I'm poor." Damn you, Rich Kids of Instagram.

Jay and Beyonce Worry About Kanye, tumblr
Jay and Bey Worry About Kanye

Kayne and Jay-Z are bffs and always will be. That is unless Beyonce finally gets her way and successfully blocks Jay from hanging with Kanye outside of rap videos. Can't have Kanye bringing his Kardashian-loving self around and corrupting lil' baby Blue Ivy.

dog shaming tumblr
Dog Shaming

Your mom's favorite Tumblr, Dog Shaming puts the spotlight of guilt on dogs and calls them out for their shameful behavior. Peeing on the carpet, eating poop, chewing up the remote — these dogs are guilty and must bear the scarlet letter of their sins.

One Tiny Hand tumblr
One Tiny Hand

One Tiny Hand is a simple concept, take photos of famous people and give them a tiny freak hand. As if Gary Busey wasn't already creepy looking enough. Medical deformities have never been so much fun.

cholafied tumblr

If you've ever wondered what Maya Angelou would look like as a member of the Latin Kings, Cholafied will now answer that question for you.

Tumblr4Men tumblr

I think the author of this Tumblr really sums up what it's all about perfectly. "I take those boring-ass pictures that idiots reblog nonstop and pump them full of MANSTOSTERONE!!! UNNNNGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! "
Mantosterone, get some.

Sock Album Covers tumblr
The Sock Covers

When one of your socks goes missing in the dryer it ends up in this Tumblr, where it then becomes a part of rock 'n' roll history. Rock on, socks, rock on and rock hard.

My Friends Are Married

Undoubtedly created by a 20-something white girl who has seen way too many episodes of Sex in the City, My Friends Are Married combines the magic of GIFs with the jealousy towards her married friends. It's pretty funny and we can probably expect a spin-off Tumblr when her friends start having children.

Sex Questions From 7th Graders, tumblr
Sex Questions From 7th Graders

Mostly innocent, a little awkward and definitely funny in a seventh-grade kinda way, this Tumblr is the result of a teacher who offered students the opportunity to anonymously write sex questions and put them in a box. So how fast can a sperm swim exactly?

From Talking to Doctors tumblr todd aiken
From Talking to Doctors

Politician and overall genius Todd Aiken has learned lots of things from doctors other than rape science. For instance, if a shark bites you, your leg has a way to shut that whole thing down. Truth!

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