KKK Counter-Protests Westboro Baptist Church

Published:5:12 pm EDT, December 17, 2012| Updated:3:42 pm EDT, February 20, 2013|

This story may read like an Onion news headline, but it's real. In 2011, a chapter of the KKK apparently decided that the Westboro Baptist Church organization is too crazy, even by the standards of a bunch of folks who think hanging people because of their skin color is a reasonable thing to do. The video is making the rounds because Westboro has done something typically crazy by deciding to picket Sandy Hook Elementary, the site of the Newtown massacre. A KKK press statement that I made up just now reads "There's only eenuff [sic] room in this world for one group of uneducated idiots, and we're determined that it be us." - KKK Grand Wizard, Jim J. Jimbo. Best case scenario: They get into a street-fight and beat each other senseless.

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