Top Comedy Videos of the Week: Drunk Idiots on Escalators and Anne Hathaway

Published:6:00 pm EDT, November 16, 2012| Updated:4:24 pm EDT, November 16, 2012|

For nearly 20 years Claire Danes has maintained a career with excessive amounts of crying and "OMG I can't handle this!" facial expressions. It's sort of her shtick. Saturday Night Live took full advantage of this with their parody of Homeland with Anne Hathaway going total facial freak out. Even if you've never seen the Homeland, the sketch is a pretty hilarious gem of physical comedy.

petraeus affair break down
Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down the Petraeus Affair
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Having a tough time keeping up with the military's very own soap opera that has come to be known as the Petraeus scandal? Not to worry, ill informed citizen. Jimmy Kimmel's breaking down the sexual web of deceit and how it somehow involves Justin Bieber and FOX.

drunk escalator
Drunk Idiot vs. Escalator
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"And in this corner, standing at 5'9, 160 lbs a drunk idiot..." It's a battle of wills as this drunken businessman attempts to enter an escalator going the wrong direction. He doesn't give up, even when other people start coming up the escalator and bump into him. The guy just doesn't quit.

MTV Blames YOU For Lack of Music Videos
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Are people really still bitching that MTV doesn't play music videos anymore? That argument hasn't been valid since 2003, but somehow the VMAs continue to roll on in mediocrity and a few 30-somethings still lament about 120 minutes. Here's the thing. MTV didn't decide to cancel music videos for pregnant teens and drunken guidos, generation Y forced them to.

Petraeus affair
Taiwan Tackles the Petraeus Affair with WTF Animation
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Taiwan's Next Media Animation has gotten their hands on the Petraeus story and C.I.A. affairs have never been sexier. Sidenote: why did the animators decide to make General Petraeus look like a 27-year-old cast member of The Real World?

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