David Koechner Interview: Top Bunk & Fabio [HEAVY EXCLUSIVE]

Published:3:21 pm EDT, November 11, 2012| Updated:6:07 pm EDT, December 5, 2012|

We sat down with comedy powerhouse, David Koechner of the AXE Hair's Splitting Hairs Comedy Tour to discuss the serious issues affecting the man of today. Like first time boob grabbing experiences and the importance of top bunk. Seriously, this is deep stuff.

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Two Minutes with David Koechner

David ponders the age old question, who has better hair, Mr. T, Fabio or Dog the Bounty Hunter. There's also some talk of creating the perfect piss smelling body spray for bringing in the ladies.

On the Road Again

When you're on a tour bus with two other comics and a bunch of crew, there's one priority and one priority only - getting the top bunk.

First Time

David recounts one of life's greatest memories, the first time he grabbed a boob.

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