The 10 Best / Worst Celebrity Reactions to Obama’s Victory

Published:2:14 pm EDT, November 7, 2012| Updated:10:28 am EDT, November 8, 2012|

Well, that was an interesting evening of political cinema. We all know that Donald Trump took the news well, but a few other folks gave their two cents as well. Here's the 10 best reactions to last nights election circulating the internetosphere.

Hey, come on, Victoria, it's not so bad. You still have your music career to cling to.

Bill O'Reilly Weeps for the White Establishment
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How long are we gonna call them minorities, Bill? Apparently, back in the '50s, African-Americans, Hispanics and women didn't exist. Just kidding, they just couldn't vote.

Apparently Elmo busted up Paul Ryan pretty bad before the night was through.

Actually that's a symptom of severe conjunctivitis. Maybe get that checked out the next time you emerge from the woods drenched in deer urine.

Chris Matthews Says Thanks to Sandy
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Yes, forecasters predicted the superstorm had a propensity for bipartisanship.

Rob Lowe will continue providing bit parts in mediocre television shows ... but only if the president does his part. Such is the fragile truce we must bear.

Really, I'm sorry, can someone get the kid a friggin' book? I suppose pitching for the Diamondbacks has something to do with this.

Karl Rove Begins the First Stage of Grief
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Right after this video Karl put both hands on his ears, maniacally shouting "This isn't happening!"

After the election his followers clothed him in robes of silk and constructed a grand statue in his likeness.

Actually he fired a grappling hook and set off a smoke bomb, disappearing silently into the night.

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