Will Ferrell is Pimping Old Milwaukee to Sweden

Published:5:52 pm EDT, October 18, 2012| Updated:5:22 am EDT, October 20, 2012|

So not only does Sweden produce some of the best chocolate in the world and 2/3 of blonde Playboy models, but now they've stolen Will Ferrell. Will first made waves earlier this year when he pimped out the beer during the Super Bowl - in a Nebraska only market. Now he's hoking the brew to the Sweds. Somebody in the Old Milwaukee ad department must have some serious dirt on Will to pull him in for commercials in such a niche market.

So here's what I took away from this ad, some cold hearted B broke Will's heart and the only thing that can ease his suffering is the unconditional loving taste of Old Milwaukee. Maybe I'm reading into it too much though.

"Infart", classic. And great with a can of Old Milwaukee, too.

In Nebraska they enjoy a fine can of Old Milwaukee while fishing, but in Sweden that same beer goes much better with a city square bicycle ride. Cultural differences, go figure.

I've got no idea what he's saying here, so I'm just gonna assume it's some sort of translation of "Boats n' Hoes."

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