WATCH: This is What Pranking an Entire Staples Store Looks Like

Published:11:49 am EDT, October 24, 2012| Updated:1:01 pm EDT, October 24, 2012|

Staples isn't normally the place you think of when "fun" comes to mind, unless you get your rocks off buying ink cartridges and gloss paper. Maybe that's your thing, I don't know... Improv Everywhere picked staples as the location of their latest prank, transforming the store into an impromptu board room meeting.

For our latest mission, a group of 24 actors between the ages of 48 and 78 staged an unauthorized boardroom meeting in the office chair department of a Staples. The chairs in this particular office supply store were already arranged in a boardroom configuration, making it easy for us to hold a surprise meeting." IE

Suck on that, Office Max!

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