WATCH: Animated Musical History of 5,000 Years of Middle Eastern Warfare

Published:6:11 pm EDT, October 4, 2012| Updated:6:28 pm EDT, October 4, 2012|

Looking for a way to explain to your child who has the rightful claim to Israel/Palestine? Show them a cartoon and avoid the awkward subject matter all together.

Animator Nina Paley created This Land is Mine, documenting the bloody 5,000 year history of the Middle East. From early nomads up through terrorists and guerilla fighters, it's a fun spin on never-ending conflict of despair. Plus, a Pat Boone and Andy Williams soundtrack?! It's not everyday you can associate those crooners with the angel of death.

Just so you don't get confused about who's killing who, there's also a murder guide for reference.

Cartoons and war are fun.

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