Top Comedy Videos of the Week: Snoop Dogg Pimps Hot Pockets and Auto-Tune Debate

Published:6:42 pm EDT, October 19, 2012| Updated:6:42 pm EDT, October 19, 2012|
felix baumgartner unreleased audio
Felix Baumgartner Screams for His Mommy Like a Girl
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Felix was all set to go down in history as a badass with balls of titanium, that was, until this unreleased audio footage surfaced of the jump. Not to be harsh on Felix, but Chuck Norris wouldn't have vomited in his space helmet.

Cannon Ball Gone Wrong
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A polar bear swim is one thing, but cannon balling into a frozen pool falls somewhere between playing chicken with a train and putting an electric dog collar around your junk. Enjoy that broken tailbone, sir, you earned it.

Pro Wrestler Intrerviews: Only the Breathing
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What your eyes are about to witness is a video compilation of interviews from professional wrestlers, only it's edited to include ONLY the heavy breathing. What would posses somebody to make such a video? The world may never know, but the Internet is most certainly a better place because of it.

snoop and hot pockets
Snoop Dogg is Now Rapping About Hot Pockets
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Hot Pockets really only taste good when you're high, (even then it's debatable) which is probably why Snoop likes them so much. The Doggfather likes his Hot Pockets so much that he's remixed his song "Drop It Like It's Hot" to plug the genetically altered pastries. That is the definition of selling out, my friends.

The 2nd Debate is Now an Auto-Tuned Musical
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The Oct 17th town hall debate summed up and satirized in less than 3 minutes, with a booty shaking tune thrown in to make it less painful. Now you don't have to feel so bad about watching Sons of Anarchy instead of concerning yourself with the future of America.

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