Top Comedy Videos of the Week: NYC One Night Stands and Big Bird Attacks Mitt

Published:7:51 pm EDT, October 12, 2012| Updated:8:55 pm EDT, October 12, 2012|
The Simpsons In Real Life
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The Simpsons have been an American staple for over twenty years, and honestly we're surprised that it took so long for someone to do this. Was it necessary? Of course not. But when did that ever stop the internet from doing anything?

cussing big bird
Big Bird Tells Mitt Romney to F**k Off
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I had no idea that Joe Pesci was the voice of Big Bird. Is this really the sort of yellow feathered degenerate you want teaching your kids their ABCs?

First World Problems PSA
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Just how many Facebook status updates can one person have ignored before the cold hand of social death grips hold? How many jars of jelly and peanut butter must one open to make a sandwich?

One Night Stand
One Night Stands in the Streets of NYC
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This is an episode of web series called Stereo Types all about one night stands. In it the host, Ryan Hall, goes out into the streets of New York City to ask strangers their opinions of one night stands.

Obama's Fire Sale
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That first debate didn't go so well for Obama and he's a little low on funds. If he's got any chance in winning the election he needs to raise some cash, and quickly! Anybody interested in buying Osama bin Laden's ear or some government weed? He's got that shark's breath and bubblegum kush that Biden loves so much.

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