Top Comedy Videos of the Week: Bar Refaeli’s Sex Tape Kickstarter and Freddie Mercury

Published:6:03 pm EDT, October 5, 2012| Updated:10:18 am EDT, October 6, 2012|
Klingon Style Gangnam Parody
Gangnam Style Goes Klingon
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Ok, so this is excessively nerdy, but it's also hilarious. Was your problem with "Gangnam Style" that you couldn't understand the Korean lyrics? Well, this parody isn't for you. Instead of not being able to understand Korean, now you won't be able to understand Klingon.

blacks for romney
Blacks For Mitt Romney
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President Obama has the look and the swag of an OG in the White House, but the economy doesn't reflect that. Enter Mitt Romney. He may come off as a billionaire white boy who's out of touch with the African American community, but that's just a played out lie perpetuated by the Democrats.

freddy and frank
Freddie Mercury vs. Frank Sinatra Rap Battle
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The lyrical battlefield is about to run red with blood again as Frank Sinatra goes mic-to-mic with Freddie Mercury in the latest Epic Rap Battle of History.

'Pumpkins on a Roll' Halloween Funk Jam
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It's only October 3rd and the Halloween funk is already in full swing with "Pumpkin's on a Roll." I have no idea how old this video is, but somebody at KXVO 15 in Knoxville, TN deserves a promotion for running this video.

Swimsuit model Bar Bar Refaeli wants to make the sexy time on video, but she needs your help. She can't do it alone and is hoping to raise enough money with her Kickstarter campaign to make her home movie sex dream come true. Donate what you can and Bar's sex fantasy can maybe, with a little hope, become a reality. Sound like a worthy cause you'd be interested in?

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