Snoop Dogg is Now Rapping About Hot Pockets ‘Pocket Like It’s Hot’

Published:2:46 pm EDT, October 16, 2012| Updated:12:33 pm EDT, November 15, 2012|

Hot Pockets really only taste good when you're high, (even then it's debatable) which is probably why Snoop likes them so much. The Doggfather likes his Hot Pockets so much that he's remixed his song "Drop It Like It's Hot" to plug the genetically altered pastries. That is the definition of selling out, my friends.

And what's a sure fire way to sell a food that may just shred your stomach lining? Hot girls shaking their asses of course! Oh, there's also that guy Andy Milonakis appearing for all of about two seconds. Guess those MTV 2 checks stopped paying the bills.

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