The Weirdest Japanese Game Shows: Bottomless Pits, Boobs & Mummification

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Japan is known far and wide for their game shows. Their game shows are strange, off-the-wall, and at times a bit brutal, but always hilarious and entertaining. The cult of Japanese game shows has come to our shores as well as many other countries. Such shows like Silent Library and Hole In The Wall are basically English ports of the same exact Japanese game. Japanese game shows have also been spoofed by The Simpsons. Not to mention that ABC also has a television show anchored entirely around "surviving" a Japanese game show.

Regularly the contestants on these game shows in Japan are what we would call "B-list celebrities" commonly dressed up in gag costumes and forced to do something horribly embarrassing. Get ready to get weird.

Gaki no Tsukai

This first clip comes from the game show entitled Gaki no Tsukai (translates: "This is no task for kids!"). Tsukai is THE Japanese game show. It has run since 1989 and in 2010 the show celebrated it's 1,000th episode. Those numbers are pretty unreal. One of the most popular segments of Tsukai is the Batsu Game ("Punishment Game") involves the hosts partaking in a weekend-long game where they cannot laugh or else they are punished. They are constantly bombarded with over-the-top pranks in an attempt to get them to laugh. Below is one such example. Notice that they are all wearing absurd nurse uniforms as well.

Gaki no Tsukai: Batsu Game
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Another popular segment on Gaki no Tsukai is called "Wall of Boxes" where the contestants sit upon, you guessed it, a wall of boxes. They must then pick numbers that have random actions assigned to them which then come out and attack their wall of boxes. Last wall of boxes standing wins. In true Japanese fashion, what comes out to attack their boxes is absurd and hilarious.

Gaki no Tsukai: Wall of Boxes
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This clip comes from the game show called DERO! DERO! applies ridiculous pressure to the contestants in the form of a life-threatening situation. Retracting planks above a bottomless pit, a room filling up with water, etc. Contestants are thrown into these situations and then asked to solve puzzles and answer questions while under the stressful pressure. Fun times, eh? Below is an example of one such segment.

DERO! Don't Fall!
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Some contestants can't even get started and lose out quite quickly...

Here is a clip from a segment of DERO! also described above where contestants must unlock puzzles in a room that is rapidly filling up with water.

DERO! Water Room!
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This is another strange Japanese game show called TORE! where contestants must fill out 7 answers about a topic all the while they're being mummified alive. Pretty funny stuff, unless you're even slightly claustrophobic!

TORE! Mummification!
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This next clip comes from the game show TEAM FIGHT! In this clip, members of a Japanese rock band are challenged to a game of dodgeball against the TEAM FIGHT! squad. Except it's not your grandma's game of dodgeball. Contestants can expect to dodge vacuum cleaners, gymnasts, bowling balls, and dodgeballs traveling well over 100 MPH.

TEAM FIGHT! Dodgeball
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Strip The Girl

The last clip is the most WTF worthy and definitely the strangest. The name of it roughly translates to "Strip The Girl" where contestants try to knock out boxes that block the woman's naked body. Obviously NSFW so watch at your own discretion.

Strip The Girl
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