The 20 Worst TV News Fails Vol 2

Published:3:58 pm EDT, September 14, 2012| Updated:2:30 pm EDT, September 21, 2012|

The funniest tv news fails

"BREAKING NEWS AT 10: Cankle outbreak, squirrell porn and human remains recipes." Your local news team would have you believe they're a precise and well oiled team of professionals. These screencaps speak otherwise. The folks running the teleprompter and behind the anchor desk are just as idiotic as the rest of us in society, only when they screw up it's broadcasted for all to see. Now let's point and laugh at the fail that is your local news team.

man cave

Don't worry, it wasn't some parking garage sex lair. Just a dude in his lazy boy with a plate of nachos watching the Titans.

nice day

Let it be noted, the news team at KREM are complete unsympathetic dicks.

bird attack

This is what happens when when the police sketch artist participates in "bring your kid to work day." Let's hope for the sake of all that is precious, they apprehended that winged beast of terror.

bear jackoff

Sort of odd for the guy to offer the bear a happy ending after it tried to eat him. I guess that's just the type of stand up guy Henry Rouwendal is.


Newscenter 5 knows that there's nothing more alarming than a bunch of cankle-stricken fatties lumbering about.

chance of rape

Whoa! Today might be a good day to stay inside. Enjoy the great outdoors on a less rapey day.

fat dennis

Fat Dennis has Tony Bagels and Johnny Pizza to blame for his less than flattering mafia nickname.

friending mom

Seriously, friending your mom is nothing to be taken lightly. Witness the horrors that can happen here.

cats and weed

That crazy stoner cat lady couldn't run from the long arm of the law forever.


Something tells me Justin's wedgie prevention product is going to undergo some rigorous testing when he returns to school.

one squirrel one cup

And the award for the news team with the dirtiest sense of humor goes to...

hair cut felon

I think David Davis' mugshot is humiliation enough, no caption needed.

jury cat

Boston, get your legal system in check!

easy school

Skool learnen should b harder for kidz.

boner murder

Was he struggling with his boner or somebody else's boner? Why so much anger on a "free spirit" camping trip. How does boner struggle result in homicide? So much more to this story I want to know.

holocaust winner

So the Holocaust had winners? Well, you learn something new everyday I guess...


So rocket + sled doesn't = awesome. Thanks for clearing that up, FOX 2.


Little known fact: 8% of FOX 13's audience ARE cannibals, so this one's actually legit.

Part of their "let's generate our own news" campaign. Tune in Tuesday for the results.


Not even a local news typo, just a man with a very unfortunate name.


Yet another delicious baby sandwich is ruined by the police.

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