The 20 Worst IDs and Licenses Ever

Published:4:20 pm EDT, September 21, 2012| Updated:4:59 pm EDT, September 21, 2012|

Hello Heavies, boy do we have a treat for you. The 20 Worst IDs and Licenses ever. We mean that. The is the cream of the crop of the bottom of the barrel. Some of these are hilariously on purpose, some are definitely not, and then some we can't really be too sure of. One thing is guaranteed you will either laugh, cry or groan during this mandatory ID stop. So let's get our bouncer on and check out some IDs.

"I'm really into chi you know? Yin, yang? I wanted to keep my head to hair ratio in balance."

What happens on laundry day?

He's now an accomplished Chemical Engineer so go figure.

Carnegie Melon has this Smurf blowing prerequisite. That's how they keep their school so selective.

Luckily now you'll never have to wonder what a young pirate doctor looks like!

Hampton Roads really admits the biggest pieces of trash...

Is it really so bad if it's true?

It does my heart good to see that terrible ID and license photos are an international thing. One world y'all, one love.

It's funny because this was the picture for his "Legitimate Rapist" license, so it was actually a really great photo.

Mike Litoris? Mike Litoris? Mike... Litor- oh, I get it. Real funny.

Taking the "Comic Book Nerd" title to a whole new level.

Ricardo's "O" face

Does this sweater make me look distinguished? No?

There's something about Evan

The face of America's future

Andy Milonakis decided to go back to school

Penn State is a really classy school once you think about it

She's the first full-body paraplegic to obtain a driver's license

It's the inner beauty that counts

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