Russian Dating Videos Sexually Excite Libidinous Siberian Yaks

Published:12:53 pm EDT, September 24, 2012| Updated:12:53 pm EDT, September 24, 2012|

Are you lonely? Having trouble finding love here in America? Are you homely, fat, a dwarf, or black? Well, we have good news for you! There's a beautiful Russian woman out there just waiting to give you blowies ... as long as you don't smell like onions that is.

Yes the video above purports to offer English translations of Russian women dating videos looking for American men. Regardless of authenticity, anything that references sexually exciting libidinous Siberian Yaks is going to have my attention.

So give it a whirl. Maybe you'll find love. Maybe you'll meet a sweet little Yak, strike up some conversation, and next thing you know you'll be expecting your own litter (Yaks have litters right?). What have you got to lose?

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